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NTG Herds in the Eastern Rhodopes

Although the dry and extremely hot summer and early autumn in Eastern Rhodope the animals from the New Thracian Gold herds are in very good condition, shows the autumn herd review concluded by Fokko Erhard and Hristo Hristov, experts in wilderness and natural grazing of the project.

The prolonged drought has withered grass everywhere, but because the animals are raised in nature, they manage to get enough food. According to the data of monitoring and of GPS collars during the hottest part of the day the horses and cattle rest in shade and graze in the morning and in the evening and horses also at the night. During this period, animals are feed on mainly on twigs, bark, leaves, dry grass. An important part of the menu of horses, cows, and deer now are wild fruits.

Due to the high temperatures and drought much of the water sources in the area have dried up, but because the animals are kept free in the wild they are familiar with the area and they find easy sources of water in nature.

Тhe summer was hard for herbivores in Eastern Rhodopes not only because of the hot and dry weather but also because of increased wolf activity. Almost every week there were reports of wolf kills in the area. But for now, there is no interaction between the NTG herds and the wolves.

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