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Contest for a Spelt Product

A contest for the most interesting, unique and delicious food product made from spelt is for first time ever organized in Bulgaria by the complex "Tepavitsata" (The Mill) in the village of Rabovo, Stambolovo Municipality jointly with with Association "Badeshte v minaloto” (Future in the past) . “Tepavitsata”is owned by Petko Angelov and his wife Stefka, members of the network of New Thracian Gold in the Eastern Rhodopes.

The deadline for submission of the proposals for the contest is from 22 June 2012 to 27 July 2012 (8 pm). The winners will be announced on 28 July during the Bread Festival organized in "Tepavitsata" in Rabovo (27 – 29 July 2012).

The reconstruction of an authentic spelt harvest is going to be one of the highlights of the Bread Festival in the village of Rabovo. The Вread Festival is a newborn tradition which took place for the first time in July 2010. The spelt is considered to be the oldest cereal in Bulgaria.

The guests of the Festival can witness the track of the bread all the way, from start to finish – from harvesting to baking and tasting. The traditional processing of the spelt grain and having the opportunity to taste a freshly baked spelt bread in a wonderful experience.

The farmer Petko Angelov is the initiator of the Bread  Festival. The spelt bread is one of the attractions that Petko and Stefka offer to their guests.

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