The New Thracian Gold Project is supporting economic growth and welfare in the Eastern Rhodopes Mountains by developing activities which combine organic farming, nature conservation and tourism. This project is carried out by the Dutch nature conservation organisations Ark and Avalon and financially supported by the Dutch Post-code Lottery in the period of 2009- 2014.

The winners of NTG’s third edition of the contest “Eastern Rhodopes - taste the wild nature” are: Anahid Chalyovska and Olya Stoyanova for the best travel stories and Vasil Anastasovski and Herman van der Hart for the best photos. Read more


Five European bison, impressive and endangered grazers, were brought to the Studen Kladenets Game Reserve in October. This is the first step in the reintroduction scheme of the European bison in the Rhodopes, as a highlight of the  project “The wild world of the Eastern Rhodopes”. Read more and see here the bTV documentary


On 26 October BNT, Bulgarian National Television broadcasted a reportage on the organic tahini factory in the village of Kondovo, Municipality of Ivaylovgrad. The opening of the factory was financially supported by NTG. Read more


From 24 October to 25 November 2013, the NTG-exhibition "The Wild World of Eastern Rhodopes" visits Varna (at the Black Sea coast) and Sliven (Central Bulgaria). The official opening in Varna was planned during the Holland Day. Read more

Todor Todorov, student at the  "Otets Paissii" School in Kardzhali and an active member of the NTG Eco-club, was the winner of the the golden medal at the 12th National Science and Ecology Competition. Read more


New Thracian Gold joined the European Rewilding Network (ERN), which was officially launched during WILD10, the World Wilderness Congress in October in Salamanca, Spain. The ERN aim is to build an active network of various rewilding initiatives throughout Europe. The network’s objective is to stimulate the rewilding concept as a conservation tool and as something to learn from and get inspired by. Read more


On 5 and 6 October, students from “Yordan Yovkov” High School in Kardzhali visited the Vulture Center in Madzharovo to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the European BirdWatch Days. Read more


On October 5th, the Thracian Mountains (Bulgaria) were nominated for Rewilding Europe during WILD 10, the World Wilderness Congress in Salamanca, Spain. Hopefully, the Thracian Mountains (including the Eastern Rhodopes) soon become part of the Rewillding Europe initiative. Read more


The annual meeting of NTG focus groups will take place on 19 November in the town of Kardzhali. Look at our Calendar for more NTG events


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