The New Thracian Gold Project is supporting economic growth and welfare in the Eastern Rhodopes Mountains by developing activities which combine organic farming, nature conservation and tourism. This project is carried out by the Dutch nature conservation organisations Ark and Avalon and financially supported by the Dutch Post-code Lottery in the period of 2009- 2014.

The deadline for submitting photos and travel stories for the NTG Contest is extended with two weeks – until October 15th, 2013. In 2013, New Thracian Gold (NTG) project organizes for the third time two contests „Eastern Rhodopes – taste the wild nature“: 1: for the most interesting travel story and 2: for the best photo. We’d like to see in your texts and photos a combination of one of the three NTG-elements: wilderness/nature, ecotourism or organic farming. Read more


The Autumn Lady's Tresses (Spiranthes spiralis) are blooming now in Eastern Rhodopes. This  beautiful orchid can be observed in Madzharovo and Ivaylovgrad area. Read more


On  September26th  New Thracian Gold organized a workshop “Cattle and horses in the Eastern Rhodopes”. Husbandry in natural conditions or natural grazing?” in the Nature conservation center Eastern Rhodopes in the town of Madzharovo. The target group of the workshop were local breeders practicing natural farming. Fokko Erhart organized this workshop Read more


The Eurasian beaver, European bison and White-tailed eagle have all been highlighted as species that have made a remarkable comeback in Europe over the past 50 years, according to a first ever in-depth report released on 26 September. ‘Wildlife Comeback in Europe’, describes how, why and where 37 mammal and bird species have recovered over the past 50 years, providing important lessons for the conservation of these and other species. Read more


In 2013, a huge increase of the number of tourists visiting family hotels, guest houses and tourist attractions from the New Thracian Gold network in the Eastern Rhodopes is registered compared to the same period last year. The basis period for calculating these figures was January – August.  Read more


The exhibition “The Wild World of the Eastern Rhodopes" is now in Burgas, at the Black Sea coast! Inhabitants and guests of the town can see it from September 18th to midst of October in the Nature Science Museum (30, Fotinov Str.). Read more


New Thracian Gold project was presented at the traditional Day of the associations, which is organized every year on the first Sunday of September in Montpellier, Southern France. The brochure issued by the project in 2012, presents tourist attractions and activities in the Eastern Rhodopes. Read more


For a second consecutive year, New Thracian Gold participated in the Festival of traditional food, vocation and crafts “Culinary heritage of Thrakia” in Ivaylovgrad (September 6-7th  2013). On the first Festival day, Dr. Vladislav Popov, NTG coordinator on organic agriculture presented the “NTG Good Practices and Activities” during a seminar on organic farming perspectives in the region. Read more


On September7th , more than one hundred people visited Nature Conservation center “Eastern Rhodopes” to celebrate the International Vulture Awareness Day. The event was organised as part of the activities for promoting the Center and increasing awareness of the wildlife heritage in the Eastern Rhodopes supported by New Thracian Gold project. Read more


This year, on October 5-6th we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the EuroBirdwatch. Уou can join the celebration at Nature Information and Conservation Center “Eastern Rhodopes” in Madzharovo. Look at our Calendar for more NTG events



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