The New Thracian Gold Project is supporting economic growth and welfare in the Eastern Rhodopes Mountains by developing activities which combine organic farming, nature conservation and tourism. This project is carried out by the Dutch nature conservation organisations Ark and Avalon and financially supported by the Dutch Post-code Lottery in the period of 2009- 2014.

From 9 to 15 June, 15 organic producers and processors from the network of New Thracian Gold were on an experience exchange trip in Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. The group visited five farms in Austria, three farms in Slovenia and six - in Croatia. Special attention was paid to the agricultural biodiversity in the agricultural areas - an initiative started by NTG project in 2012 on agricultural land of several producers from the project network. Read here more


More European consumers prefer organic products. The consumption of organic food in the European countries has raised by 6.2% compared to 2010, Bulgarski Fermer weekly informs. Read here more


Sasha Solakchieva from “Otec Paisii” Secondary School in Kardzhali took the first place at the regional stage of the Bird Contest on June 15th in Haskovo. The Contest was organized by BSPB, Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds since 1999. This year, it was conducted with the support of New Thracian Gold project. Read here more


In May, Kichka Dyankova, the winner of NTG Contest for journey notes “Eastern Rhodopes – taste the wild” in 2012 has rediscovered the beauty of the area. Her award was a weekend for two in Ivaylovgrad but Kichka has organized a longer journey through the Eastern Rhodopes. Read more and see the photos she took here


You would like to ask you to share your impressions from the Eastern Rhodopes in texts and photos. You will have the opportunity to win an award in the third edition on the contest “Eastern Rhodopes – taste the wild nature” organized by New Thracian Gold. She the requirements:


In June, New Thracian Gold and partners organised a five-day biking tour as the ultimate test for the Long-Distance-Trail, connecting the Western and Eastern Rhodopes. This promo biking tour went all the way from the village of Momchilovtsi to the village of Madrets. Four participants explored one of the most picturesque sections of the trail: Vishnevo - Lyubino - Glavatartsi - Letovnik – Studen kladenets – Boinik planina - Potochnitsa - Efrem - Madrets. Read here more and see here a photo gallery of one of the participants


In June, BNR, Bulgarian National Radio broadcasted the reportage of Veneta Nikolova On a bicycle in the Rhodopes about the TransRhodopi Long-Distance-Trail. Read it here


“The Wild World of the Eastern Rhodopes" – the exposition that enjoyed a great interest in Sofia and in Kardzhali in April and May - is visiting now Blagoevgrad, Southwestern Bulgaria. The first day when the inhabitants and guests of the town could see it in front of the Regional Historical Museum was symbolic: June 5th is the World Environment Day. Later on, the expo will be exhibited in other towns in District Blagoevgrad before it goes to other Bulgarian towns. Read here more


From 31 May to 2 June, thirteen photographers participated in a photo workshop in the Eastern Rhodopes organized by New Thracian Gold jointly with Photosynthesis. The photo team had the opportunity to take unique wildlife photos in the two new photo hides in the region: in “Studen Kladenets” Reserve and near the town of Madzharovo. Read here more. See photos of Ladislav Tstetkov and Theodor Ignatov.


Several items about New Thracian Gold activities and the beautiful region of the Eastern Rhodopes are published in the ARK annual report JaARKrant 2012 (in Dutch). Page 8 is fully devoted to NTG and its achievements. On the front page, the NTG guidebook to the Eastern Rhodopes is presented with a text and the cover photo. Read here more


At the end of May, local media reported about the new born Fallow Deer in “Studen Kladenets” Reserve. Director Georgi Sheremetev expects about 500 new borns. NTG works actively on the reintroduction of Red Deer in the Reserve. Read here more


NTG will participate for the first time with its own pavilion in the third edition of the outdoors festival "Usana Polyana Fest" from 12 to 14 July in Uzana, Gabrovo (Central Bulgaria). See about more planned events of the Calendar section of our website


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