The New Thracian Gold Project is supporting economic growth and welfare in the Eastern Rhodopes Mountains by developing activities which combine organic farming, nature conservation and tourism. This project is carried out by the Dutch nature conservation organisations Ark and Avalon and financially supported by the Dutch Post-code Lottery in the period of 2009- 2014.

Spring is in the air of the Eastern Rhodopes. The first crocuses started blossoming in the protected site "Momina Skala” (Maiden Rock) near Madzharovo. See more


The guest house "Grocery Trakya" in the village of Popovets, Municipality of Stambolovo, obtained in December the official certificate for its tourist category "one star". The owner of the guest house is Dimo Karaboyukov, an active member of the New Thracian Gold (NTG) network. He accommodates tourists and he is also a producer of organic grapes and wine. See more


Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds, PhotoSynthesis and announced a photo competition named “Grain of love in your lens” as part of the campaign for the winter feeding of songbirds “Grain of love”. The campaign is supported by New Thracian Gold. See more


Interesting news for the organic farmers in the Eastern Rhodopes: The world market for organic food is predicted to exceed $88,000 million by 2015, a near 50% increase in five years. Fruit and vegetables represent the leading segment, representing over 30% of the overall market. See more


New Thracian Gold experts Hristo Hristov, Mihaela Kircheva and Stefan Avramov collected GPS information about Momina Skala Route. The route is going to be included in the Crossbill guidebook on the Eastern Rhodopes which Dutch experts of the Foundation of the same name are elaborating at the moment. See more


Minister of Environment and Water signed 11 orders for declaring new protected sites with a total size of 126,9 ha.Among those small reserves are the habitats of Provence orchid in the area of the village of Apriltsi, Kirkovo Municipality and Rhodope mullein in the area of the village of Gorno Urutsi, Municipality Krumovgrad (Eastern Rhodopes). See more


The maintenance of habitats and the conservation of animal populations in the reserves of Zhenda, Borovets, Chamlaka, Boraka and Valchi dol is in the scope of the activities of a new project executed by the Regional Environmental Inspectorate in Haskovo. See more


In late December 2012, one of the in Bulgaria new born Tarpan foals died and three adult horses were injured as a result of a Wolf attack in the area of the village of Sbor, Krumovgrad Municipality. This is the first predation loss since the 12 horses, a rebreed of the European wild horse Tarpan, have been reintroduced to the Eastern Rhodopes in September 2011. This is how nature works. See more


A colony of 31 nests of Grey Heron was discovered in the valley of the Arda River by the NTG team during the traditional Midwinter waterbird count (11 - 13 January 2013). Although its existence was assumed previously, the exact location was not discovered before. See more


New Thracian Gold’s support for successful restoration of sesame and tahini production in the Eastern Rhodopes is presented in an article published in the latest issue (N:10) of the agriculture „Plant Protection” magazine. See more


Bulgaria and the Eastern Rhodopes with its stunning beauty and rich biodiversity are presented in the Luxury Travel Guide 2013European edition, released in January. By taking a nature tour through the great outdoors you will enrich all of your senses, as the article in the Luxury Travel Guide highlights. See more


On December 30th, the tourist attraction “The Route of Cheese” in the Eastern Rhodopes was presented in the documentary of BNT, Bulgarian National Television broadcasted within the program Patuvai s BNT 2 (Traveling with BNT 2). The attraction was launched in the sheep farm of Huskov's family in the village of Pelevun in September 2012 with the financial support of the New Thracian Gold.  See more


A Tourist information center will be opened in the village of Stambolovo financed by the Rural Development Program. Stambolovo is one of the five target municipalities where New Thracian Gold project works very actively. See more


A fossilized fish, whose age has been estimated at thirty-four million years is exhibited in the Regional Museum of History in the town of Kardzhali. The precious fossil was found in Momchilgrad Municipality and classified only recently, as there aren't many fossil experts in Bulgaria. See more


The number of foreign tourists will show a 30% growth by 2015 – this is one of the highlights of the Strategy for the development of the tourism in Kardzhali District (one of the two districts in the Eastern Rhodopes). See more


New Thracian Gold will propagate the tourism potential of the Eastern Rhodopes at Fiets en Wandelbeurs, a specialized exhibition for biking and hiking, which is held annually, alternately in the cities Amsterdam (The Netherlands 9-10.02) and Mechelen (Belgium, 16-17.02). NTG will participate in  HOLIDAY & SPA EXPO 2013 in Sofia from 14 to 16 February 2013.


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